General & How it works

How does Chubbox work?

If you’re running out of storage space, the solution is simple! You only need to register on our website, choose your suitable storage box, schedule the appointment for box collection and our delivery team will deliver the box to your Hong Kong location with tamper-proof seals to the specified address at the scheduled time. You can choose packing immediately (our driver can wait for 20 minutes), or you can choose scheduling an alternative day for us to pick up your box. Our delivery team will ensure your item will be secured in our warehouse. When you want to get your items back, you just log in to your Chubbox account and select the boxes that you want returned. We will return your items on your scheduled date.

What is the coverage area of Chubbox?

We are currently serving Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories, but not include Outlying Islands, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Airport and public places like Piers and etc. 

How many types of the storage box are provided by Chubbox and what are their sizes?

We currently provide four types of storage boxes:

Document Box: L 45cm x W 34cm x H 25cm

Standard Box: (Outside) L 64cm x W 40cm x H 27cm; (Inside) L 60cm x W 35cm x H 30cm

Mega Box: (Outside) L 73.5cm x W 45.5cm x H 39cm; (Inside) L 68cm x W 40cm x H 34cm

Wardrobe Box: L 50cm x W 50cm x H 100cm

Luggage: Provide by the customers

How can I seal the storage box?

Please make sure no item overflows outside the storage box during packing. After the lid is tightly covered the storage box, please attach the tamper-proof seal on the middle middle at both ends. You can make a personal mark on the tamper-proof seal. No tamper-proof seal is provided for the Wardrobe box. For the personal luggage, our delivery team will provide instruction.

Is there any weight limit for the storage box?

For health and safety, it is important that each box does not weigh more than 25kg. If you have a storage box with full of books, it probably will exceed the weight limit and bring additional burden to our delivery team as well. So, if you can allocate the items with the weight appropriately, we will be very grateful!

How much time do I have for packing my storage item?

Once you receive the storage box, you can have maximum 1 week for packing. Within this week, you can take photo of the item and add it into your account with a description. After the items are stored into the warehouse, if you want to pick up some of the item, you can access all the details online for all items you have in your storage space and choose the storage box you want to pick up.

Which item(s) is/are allowed and not allowed to be stored?

Regardless of any legal, harmless and non-perishable items, as long as each box does not exceed 25kg (Document boxes cannot exceed 15kg), you can give them to us for storage! Please be noted that any fragile items have to be packed perfectly and sufficiently.

Please do not store any illegal item, explosive item, flammable item, hazardous substance, high-value items, animals and plants and anything that may raise suspicion or release harmful odors.

What is the opening hours for Chubbox?

The servicing hour of our delivery team is 9 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday, except statutory holidays. Our customer service is open from 9am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, except public holidays. If you have any query outside of these times, please contact us via email: support@chubbox.com.hk, we will reply you as soon as possible.

Where is my storage box stored? Is it safe?

24/7 CCTV and security surveillance systems have been installed in our warehouse to ensure no one can open the storage box.

Can I visit the warehouse and pick up or drop off my item?

Based on the security reason, and the convenience of our delivery service, it is not necessary for you to visit our warehouse for picking up and dropping off your item,

Are my stored items insured by insurance?

Of course! From the time of item being picked up, delivered and stored, we provide free insurance for every single box, the maximum insured limit is HKD2,500. However, we cannot guarantee fragile items, such as glassware, chinaware and electronic item, etc., will not be damaged. So, if you need to store the fragile item, please make sure it is packed perfectly and sufficiently.

What is the insurance coverage?

The insurance coverage includes the item loss from the time of picking up the item, during the delivery and within the storage period.

It does not cover the damage from caused by natural hazard such as flood, tsunami, earthquake, etc..

What should I do if I cannot log in to my account?

We are sorry that our website brings you trouble. Please contact our customer service Officer at +852 2110 8662 or email to support@chubbox.com.hk. We will help you to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

How can I access my items online?

You can just simply log in to Chubbox website and you will be able to access your stored item easily.

Will you open my boxes?

No worry, we will only open your boxes in the rare case that we suspect there is dangerous item, illegal items, smelly inside or if required by the authorities. In such case, we will do our best to contact you beforehand and we will record the whole process of opening and packing as archive.

What should I do if the tamper-proof seal is damaged?

If we find the the tamper-proof seals is damaged, we will contact you immediately.

What is the material and how is the quality of the plastic storage box?

We value the environmental protection and carbon omission reduction. We use plastic boxes made of PP environmental friendly material which is non-toxic and odourless, also high strength and impact-resistance. Boxes are very durable and reliable, which you can reuse it. The design of the plastic boxes can achieve moisture-proof and dust-proof effect. If you want to reuse, we guarantee that the boxes are cleaned and sterilized before arriving your home.

Pricing & Billing

How much is the monthly payment?

In the first month, the storage fee is calculated in pro-rata (Monthly storage fee ÷ 30 days x the total storage days counting from the day following the first storage date to the settlement date, rounded up to the nearest dollar. After, we will bill you on monthly basis. The monthly fee will be deducted from your account on 1st day of every month. For example, the delivery team picks up the new storage box from customer on 20th September, the first month fee will be billed on 21st September, the the monthly fee on the second month will be billed on 1st October. If the customer collects his items and cancels the service, less than one month will be deemed to be one full month for calculation purpose. 

Can my storage period be less than one month?

Of course! We will charge you for one month. 

How much does it cost if the frequency of item pick-up is high?

We provide free delivery and collection for the first time. Any subsequent collection is charged at $35 per each time plus additional administration fee of $15 per storage box.

How do I know how many storage boxes I need?

We suggest the customer order extra 1-5 storage boxes according to your reservation in order to prevent the situation of insufficient boxes. When we collect the boxes, we will charge you base on how many storage boxes you actually use. If you need more boxes, you can contact us and order extra boxes.

How do I settle the payment?

You will receive statement every month. When you order the storage boxes, your registered Paypal account or credit card will authorise Chubbox for monthly payment collection. On the next day of collecting boxes from you, the monthly fee will be deducted from your Paypal account or credit card, we accept VISA, Master and American Express and Paypal.

How can you keep my credit card information safe?

The payment details of your payment will be encrypted and directly processed by the Paypal company, Chubbox will not store any detail of your credit card.

After you log in to your account, go to My Account and click “My Information”.

After you log in to your account, go to My Account and click “My Information”.

Pickup & Delivery

What happens if I cancel or change a collection or delivery?

If you want to reschedule or cancel a collection or delivery, please log in to your account before 9am on the scheduled day, and click “Appointment” under “Option” at the top right corner, the click “cancel”, then you can cancel the appointment. If you reschedule or cancel the appointment after 9am, we will charge you HKD50 as penalty.

What should I do if I cannot keep the appointment?

Our delivery team can wait you for 20 minutes at the maximum and try our best to contact you. If you cannot keep the appointment, we will charge you HKD150 as penalty.

Is there any charge if I change my mind and send back all my reserved storage boxes without storing them?

It doesn’t matter. Please contact our delivery team for empty box pick-up. Please note that we will charge you HKD200 as the delivery cost.

Can I rent your storage boxes without storing them into your warehouse?

Yes. If you do not contact us for boxes pick up within 7 days after you receive the empty boxes, we will automatically charge you the monthly fee of the storage. The fee will be calculated 7 days after you receive the boxes.

How can I upload the photo of my items in the storage box?

Every storage box has its unique Box ID. For your convenience, you can add the name, the content description and the photo of each storage box in your account, and you can review all the item in the storage box online.

How much advance notice do you need?

Suppose we can provide the delivery service at your selected time, all the empty box delivery and packed storage box pick-up require at least one day before the delivery day (Monday to Friday:  before 16:00, Saturday and Sunday: before 12:00 advance notice).

If you have any emergency, please contact our customer service officer at +852 21108662 or email to support@chubbox.com.hk. We will try our best to arrange delivery service.

Can you wait during the collection of storage box?

Yes. Our delivery team can wait for 20 minutes maximum. Since our schedule is tight, we cannot wait for more than 20 minutes. If it exceeds 20 minutes, please kindly make the other appointment for collection in our system.

How to get back my items?

It’s simple. You just need to log in to your account ,click “My items” under “Option” at the left, then click “Appointment for return” at the bottom and choose your convenience time. Please contact us 24 hours before. If you have any query or need any assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service officer at +852 21108662 or email to support@chubbox.com.hk.

After the storage boxes are packed, how can I arrange for the collection service?

You can just log in to the account and follow the instruction. It can be done in 2 minutes. 

Can I send the items to other address?

Sure. We will charge you HKD300 for changing the address. Please contact our customer service officer in Hong Kong on +852 21108662 or email to support@chubbox.com.hk. We will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

If the building I live don’t have the elevator, can you help me to move?

If the customer need us to deliver or collect the storage boxes by climbing up the stairs, we will charge you HKD6 per boxes and per floors as stair fee. Please indicate this in the appointment form and the customer have to pay the stair fee to the delivery team in cash on the spot.